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Why use us?

We truly are different: as well as being experienced advisers, we have actually led risk management and compliance functions.

Our goal is to turn governance, risk management and compliance from being a bureaucratic and expensive nightmare into being focused on achieving business excellence. We know how to do this

Our mantras include:


"Your vision for risk management was clearly articulated 18 months ago and now through execution is producing solid results, leading to extremely good feedback from the Risk Control Committee and the executive. You have demonstrated your ability to turn strategy and vision into tangible, measurable results in the past 12 months." - CFO FTSE 100

"Your work has been described as life-saving support ... you have inspired many to new heights."

"The content of what you deliver around compliance and risk is simply outstanding."

"The New Horizons [skills development] programme has been transformational."

"If there is radical change to be made, Paul Moore is the man for the job."